Welcome to the
Bardic Poetry Database

This database is the work of Dr Katharine Simms, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin. It is currently being updated and expanded by Dr Mícheál Hoyne, DIAS. Comments and corrections should be sent to bardic@celt.dias.ie.

In April 2017, the process of marrying Dr Simms’s database with the electronic corpus of Bardic poetry created by the Department of Irish in Trinity College Dublin began. It is now possible to view the text of most of the poems on the database. We acknowledge with gratitude the permission of Professor Damian McManus, who led the TCD ‘Bardic Poetry’ project, for making the electronic corpus available. The transcripts of previously unedited poems are the work of Dr Eoghan Ó Raghallaigh, Ms Catherine Saunders, Mr Muiris Ó Raghallaigh and Dr Eoin Mac Cárthaigh. For further information, see D. McManus and E. Ó Raghallaigh (eds), A Bardic Miscellany (Dublin, 2010). In the case of poems that were edited prior to the TCD project beginning its work, the texts are given as published. We are grateful to various publishers for permission to make these texts available here. We have not reproduced published translations, notes or commentary. For these it remains necessary to consult the relevant publication (see the bibliographical information provided with each text).

You may start immediately by entering some search terms on the left-hand side, or you can read Dr Simms’ introduction to the original database for more information. A new introduction will appear shortly.