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This database is the work of Dr Katharine Simms, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin. It is currently being updated and expanded by Dr Mícheál Hoyne, DIAS.

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Until this first round of revisions is complete, the information provided under these headings may be incomplete (e.g. clicking on dán díreach metrical classification will not necessarily bring up all examples of this form). Updates will follow in due course. Comments and corrections should be sent to bardic@celt.dias.ie.

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We acknowledge with gratitude the permission of Professor Damian McManus, who led the TCD ‘Bardic Poetry’ project, for making the electronic corpus of Bardic poetry available for the Database. The transcripts of previously unedited poems are the work of Dr Eoghan Ó Raghallaigh, Ms Catherine Saunders, Mr Muiris Ó Raghallaigh and Dr Eoin Mac Cárthaigh. For further information, see D. McManus and E. Ó Raghallaigh (eds), A Bardic Miscellany (Dublin, 2010).

For permission to reproduce the texts of individual published editions we are grateful to the editors of Ériu and the Royal Irish Academy; the School of Celtic Studies at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies; the Irish Texts Society; the Irish Jesuit Provincialate; the School of Language and Literature at the University of Aberdeen; the editor of Éigse and the National University of Ireland. Acknowledgement of individual authors and editors will be found in the text of each poem. We have not reproduced published translations, notes or commentary.